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to your bespoke sports nutrition journey

Based in Sydney, Australia and offer online consultations across Australia and the UK

DietitianBriggs is an accredited Sports & Performance Dietitian. Our passion is helping you to optimise your nutrition and performance.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower athletes and active individuals to optimise their health and performance through evidence-based nutrition. We believe that proper nutrition is a vital contributor to performance and athletic success and strive to provide the most accurate information and advice to our community. We are dedicated to helping our community make informed decisions about their nutrition, alongside providing personalised guidance to help them reach their goals, no matter the sport, activity or fitness level.


Ready for the Workout

Nutrition for Multiple Sports/Activities

A presentation at the office

Group Education Sessions

  • Team Sports

  • Crossfit

  • Gym goer

  • Athletics

  • Marathons

  • Ultra Events

  • Gymnastics
    *Not exhaustive

  • Sports Teams

  • Gyms/Crossfit gyms

  • Schools

  • Corporate/Businesses
    *Online or in-person

Measuring Gold Ring

Body Composition

  • Qualified to take skin-fold measurements

  • Suitable for fat loss goals

  • Suitable for muscle gain goals

  • Suitable for maintenance goals
    * in-person only


Working with Natalie has proved positive and helpful. throughout the course of 8 weeks, I've become very aware of my eating patterns. Changes suggested by Natalie have been easily incorporated into my diet and have already made a difference to my weight and energy. Overall, what I have gained from this experience is an understanding of balanced eating that suits my personal requirements

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