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Why might you consider a consultation with a Sports Dietitian?

  • Optimise your performance.

  • Reduce the risk of injury/illness.

  • Support with REDs (relative energy deficiency)

  • Body composition goals

  • Understand how to fuel your training and every-day.

  • Knowledge & support for competition and event-day nutrition​.

  • Nutrition periodisation for short & long-term goals or events.


What is included:

The Initial Plan:

  • 50 Minute Online Consultation including advice to suit YOUR schedule and preferences

  • Nutritional analysis of your 3 day food diary 

  • Calculated requirements based on your goals

  • Detailed write-up of your requirements and plan

  • Access to the SENPRO mobile app for 4 weeks following your initial consult (includes 50+ recipes, habit tracker, meal guides, education, food tracker)

  • Weekly feedback via the SENPRO app (total of 4 weeks)

$300 AUD/ £170 GBP

Then Choose A Review Option:

  • You can book your review consultation and choose to no longer have access to SENPRO after your initial 4 weeks.

  • Price is for 1 review consult only

$130 AUD/ £75 GBP

Option 1:

  • You can book your review consultation and choose to continue having access to SENPRO for another 4 weeks following your review consult.

  • This can continue for as long as you would like/need.

  • Price is for 1 review consult, 4 more weeks of SENPRO and weekly feedback

$200 AUD/ £115 GBP

Option 2:

  • Review consultations are typically 25 minutes

Add on:

  • Structured and detailed nutrition plan for your event day or competition day.
    Please reach out for more information/pricing.

  • Find out more about the specialised SENPRO app we use

  • Typically I would always recommend at least 1 review consult as optimising your nutrition alongside your training and lifestyle requires practice and commitment, in order for sustainable changes to be made.


Do you provide meal plans?

Glad you asked! I do not provide a rigid meal plan which will tell you exactly what food to eat at every meal and what time. Instead I provide 'meal guides'. This means I will advise you when to eat meals/snacks around your lifestyle and training. We use the SENPRO app to do this which makes it easy for you to check what you are doing. I will give you meal ideas and sustainable changes, with the aim to provide you with the tools to do this yourself once we have finished working together.

Do I need to bring or prepare anything before my initial consultation?

You do not need to bring anything, but you have to ensure you have completed all the pre-assessment forms via the SENPRO app and your 3-day food diary at least 1 week before your consultation. This allows time for the data to be analysed so it can be discussed in your meeting. If you have not completed this then we can still meet, however some of the consult will be used to gather your diet history.

Are consultations online only?

Yes, all consultations are conducted via zoom.

What about if I have a clinical condition on top of wanting support with my sport nutrition?

As a dietitian I am qualified and confident in treating clinical dietary issues so long as it falls within my scope of practice. I will always ensure the clinical issues are treated first before focusing on the sport nutrition- this is something I can advise on a case-by-case basis. I can liaise with your GP/other professionals when required.


Please use my email to book a discovery call or ask any questions.

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