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A presentation at the office

Education Presentations/Webinars

Are you a coach, teacher, sport team personnel or an athlete who is interested in education for yourself and your team-mates?

DietitianBriggs can create, present and most importantly ENGAGE you and others in presentations or webinars that vary in length & subject. (Both virtual or in-person).

Examples of topics include:

  • General healthy-eating principles

  • Macro-nutrients specific to type, timing and amounts.

  • Supplements and ergogenic aids

  • Plant-based diets in sport & performance

  • The female athlete

  • Relative Energy Deficiency (REDs)

  • The young athlete

  • The masters athlete

Please note that presentations will not provide individual/tailored advice and my 1:1 consultations are better suited for this. However, I can assure you that group presentations provide a wealth of knowledge in a different setting and can all be tailored to the sport or activity upon your request.

Prices do vary depending on the type and length of content created and presented. Please get in touch to discuss what you would like to gain from my presentations and education sessions!

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