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Our Services

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1:1 Consultations

Varied options depending on your goals 

The process:

  1. Book a discovery call or reach out to find if this is the dietetic support you need.

  2. Book your initial consultation.

  3. Activate your account on the specialised app we use.

  4. Complete all pre-assessment forms and a 3 day food diary.

  5. Receive the link for our initial consultation meeting.

  6. Review appointments will be made depending on the client/goals.


Teams/Clubs/Schools Education Presentations

  1. Online or in-person sessions that will be tailored to the sport, activity or age.

  2. Will educate and provide practical tips to effectively optimise performance using nutrition.

  3. Help your team or club get ahead of the game with support for their nutrition!


Body Composition Measurements

  1. ISAK Level 1 Trained to take skinfold measurements.

  2. Used in conjunction with your fat loss or muscle gaining goals.

  3. Provides detailed and specific data that the scales alone cannot provide.

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